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The Metsudah Chumash (ver 3.0) - Seligsohn Edition
About Software

The CSB CARE Audio-Visual Player along with the included Metsudah Chumash module is designed to enhance Hebrew/English reading and comprehension skills, while building knowledge of the Chumash. It has been scientifically proven that multi-sensory (audio/visual) reading improves the overall performance of children with a diverse range of reading and learning disabilities. This software is one of the first to apply this successful method to the Hebrew language with The Metsudah Chumash and Rashi, and their translations.

It is a major innovation addressing the Hebrew reading needs of students, designed for school as well as at-home use. CSB’s current project is the development of customized recording software that will allow parents and teachers to record their own material for their children. These recordings can seamlessly be integrated into the CSB CARE Player to create a powerful reading tool.


  • Display entire posuk or single phrase
  • Show or hide nekudos or trup
  • Read continuously or stop after each phrase
  • Read Hebrew, English or both
  • Translate current posuk, phrase, or Rashi
  • Change text size and style
  • Use Rashi or standard Hebrew ksav
  • Variable voice speed
  • Pause between phrases
  • Zoom instantly to any parsha, perek or posuk
  • Search for text in Chumash
  • Bookmarks
  • Voice recognition command system
  • Display extra spacing between words
  • Screen colors are fully adjustable
  • New version coming soon!
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