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Independence Through Technology

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s disease)

ALS patients face partial or total paralysis, including the possible total loss of speech and head movement. These conditions generally develop over a relatively short period of time. ALS patients can live meaningful and productive lives through the medium of a computer, but computer access by standard mouse manipulation is no longer possible. Instead, clients control their computers through alternative means. CSB staff is proficient in these unconventional modes of computer access [e.g. voice recognition, head movements, eye tracking, etc.] and they develop custom hardware/software solutions to suit each client’s individual’s needs.

CSB provides its ALS clients with technological tools and know-how, as well as ongoing day to day assistance, as follows:

  • CSB is one of the few organizations in the country with expertise at setup and training of all major eye tracking devices including Mytobii P10, C12, and C15, Dynavox EyeMax, EyeTech Digital, and LC technologies. CSB accompanies clients’ to their communication evaluations and assists them in making the right choices at critical times.
  • Once an eye tracking device is acquired, CSB will assume responsibility for the long road of training and custom setup of the device to enable the client to take full advantage of these life-saving machines. CSB employees will often spend hundreds of hours setting up an eye tracking device, training, custom programming, and supporting an advanced ALS client with his or her device.
  • CSB has an entire library of custom designed communication boards which facilitate communication for even the most severely challenged users. CSB has developed software used to communicate in languages other then English, such as Hebrew and Yiddish – languages not supported by the software supplied by the devices.
  • CSB distributes an entire library of Siddurim, Tehillim, Gemara, Chumash etc. in specially-designed boards for eye tracking devices. These innovations provide our clients with the ability to lead their lives through davening, learning, communication, environment control, email, texting, complete internet use, telephone, and even public speaking!
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