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Independence Through Technology
The Stanley and Ellen Wasserman Torah Touch Braille System

This system gives blind adults and children the ability to learn and teach torah, overcoming the limitations of vision loss. The system combines an electronic Braille display, an extensive library of Torah sources and texts, and an easy to use computer interface to achieve any level of learning.

A user can navigate to any sefer instantly and can search for words, phrases, daf, chapter, and many others. The Braille equivalent of the Hebrew text is displayed in the form of hundreds of dynamically changing electronic pins.

Typically, a competent Braille reader can master the Torah Touch Braille System in a matter of hours. CSB CARE provides a full complement of services, training, and support on the Torah Touch Braille System. One client using the Torah Touch system is a rebbe in a Yeshiva and delivers shiurim using the system. There are several children using the system in Yeshivos and Bais Yaakov’s and are being extremely successful in their studies. It can truly open the world of Torah for someone who previously had little access.

The third generation of the Torah Touch system now works with a wireless Braille display.

Feature Highlights:

Nekudos display

Scroll wheels for swift navigation

Cross linking between texts and commentaries in Chumash, Gemara, and Shulchan Aruch

Search via direct Braille interface

Ability to transcribe chiddushei Torah using a traditional Braille keyboard

Rapid access shortcut system

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