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Independence Through Technology

Cerebral Palsy · Multiple sclerosis · Muscular dystrophy

These diseases, which affect adults and children alike, produce a wide variety of physical capabilities. CSB assists these individuals by providing them with two components critical for their functionality: Computer access and communication.

CSB evaluates each client individually and based upon this evaluation, adapts the client’s computer to offer the maximum possible access. At times, the solution involves merely configuring a users system with features already included in today’s PCs. In severe cases, however, CSB actually develops innovative, complex hardware/software solutions to enable the user to properly access his or her computer. For instance, CSB will advise repair and install [free of charge] all specialty keyboards or mice, including external switches or joysticks, voice recognition software, sip and puff devices, motion switches, and in the most severe cases, eye tracking devices.

Additionally, CSB has developed several very specific, yet effective tools for unique situations. One instance involved a client who was unable to speak, see, or move other than a functional rotation of the head. CSB outfitted him with a head rotation device which enabled a user to communicate. This device, which was adapted for this purpose by CSB, along with custom developed software, was the only solution for this individual to be able to communicate.

In communication, CSB trains, customizes, and creates new software for communication devices. CSB has an entire library of boards designed for Dynavox V, VMax, and Maestro devices which include communication in several languages (such as Yiddish) otherwise unsupported by the devices, activity and Torah learning boards, and specialty communication boards developed by CSB [through our experience with speech impaired clients].

CSB accompanies clients (adults and children) to their tech evaluations with Rehab centers and assists both the patients and providers in understanding what must be accomplished. Some of the most highly recognized speech pathologists in the NY area refer their clients to CSB for enhanced technology and communication requirements. They also distribute CSB software to their clients and train them when necessary.

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