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Independence Through Technology
Hillman TorahView System

The Hillman Torah View system is a CCTV alternative for Torah learning. A CCTV is a device that magnifies text onto a large screen to render it legible for low vision individuals. While this device is a very helpful tool for reading English books, it is all but impracticable for reading the many seforim printed with accompanying commentaries (e.g. Chumah, Unkelos, Rashi; Gemara, Rashi Tosafos; Shulchan Aruch Mishnah Berurah etc.).

CSB had therefore received many requests over the years from low vision clients to provide them with the capacity to learn from a magnified sefer. CSB undertook the ambitious endeavor to create a digitalized seforim library paired with a highly-configuarble viewing software. After three years of toil, the Torah View system became a reality. This system is comprised of a software format which presents seforim not only in magnified form but which also allows for easy navigation between seforim and within seforim. The user configures the system to the appropriate text size, and through a few simply keys, or through voice recognition, is able to navigate through the text. It is used effectively by clients of all ages including the elderly, with minimum training.

The system is constantly adjusted to accommodate its client’s needs and presently has dozens of configuration settings which can be contoured for a particulate client’s needs. It thus allows for:

  • text to be presented in any size
  • maximum number of words per page
  • Rashi text view in standard Hebrew script
  • Hi-contrast color scheme
  • Division of pesukim


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