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Independence Through Technology
Nachum Lehman

Nachum Lehman is founder and director of CSB CARE. Aside from overseeing all aspects of CSB CARE, he is currently the primary developer and trainer for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) clients, where his proficiency in eye-tracking devices – the lifeline of these clients – is indispensible. He walks his clients through the entire process, accompanying them for the technological evaluations to ensure they receive the correct devices, and training them in the use of these technologies. On the average, clients receive fifty hours of personal advice and training, though some will require upwards of 200 hours to become proficient in the use of these machines.

Aryeh Shuter

Aryeh Shuter produces the embossed Braille, electronic Braille, and large print volumes at CSB. All of these areas depend upon expert manipulation of digital texts and command of English and Hebrew Braille. Aryeh not only fields most requests, but also offers invaluable insight to clients as to optimal layout and usability of a particluar sefer. There are dozens of clients (adults and children) who depend on Aryeh's expertise, quick turn-around time, and caring.

Lynn Zelvin

Lynn holds a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Teaching of the Visually Impaired and has been an assistive technology trainer for over 20 years. Lynn provides training to CSB clients in use of computers with speech output, screen enlargement, and refreshable Braille displays. From teaching Aramaic Braille to configuring talking Iphones, the ingenuity she brings to her work at CSB knows no limits.

Boruch Siper

Boruch Siper is a software developer at CSB. He is proficient in ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and an array of other software packages. His comprehensive command of Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and software make him an invaluable part of the CSB team. Boruch is currenly working on a complete rewrite of the succesful Multisensory Chumash/Gemara reader to incorporate years worth of suggestions from parents and special educators currently using the system. His next project is the expansion of CSB technologies to the Ipad.

Meir Naiman

Meir Naiman is the primary developer of all .NET technologies at CSB CARE. Meir focuses on advanced development issues ranging from integrating complex hardware with CSB CARE's custom software, to the complete design and development of many CSB CARE software packages. Additionally, Meir is involved in every CSB project through coding, designing, testing and quality control. He has created software packages which allow eye tracking hardware and electronic Braille equipment to communicate with CSB's custom software. Meir is especially talented at completing custom emergency development projects which need to be out the door in short order.

Avrohom Rosenberg

Avrohom Rosenberg has been the director of Special Education services at CSB since 2008. His job includes demonstrating the software to special educators, kriah specialists, teachers, and parents, to customize recordings for new texts and new dialects, and to train the children and special educators in using the software. Avrohom has seen the greatest success stories of CSB up close.


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